Naegele’s Rule & Formula – Explained Clearly

Naegele’s Rule & Formula – Explained Clearly

Naegele’s rule is very important when it comes to estimating the expected date of delivery (EDD) of a pregnant female. The last menstrual period or LMP is very important to calculate the estimated or expected delivery date, therefore LMP is very important.

Innaccuracy of Naegele’s Rule

  • This rule is just an estimation and is not 100% accurate at all. Because all women have a different menstrual cycle and they usually vary. Therefore this rule is just an estimation.
  • The patient might have forgotten their the date of their last menstrual cycle
  • Contraceptives
  • Bleeding before or after pregnancy

Calculation Formula

Add one year to the LMP and then subtract 3 months. And then add 7 days to the first day of last menstrual period also known as LMP.

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