Night Shift Nursing

Night Shift Nursing

Unlike other nurses, night shift nurses find it really challenging to maintain a normal and healthy lifestyle. Read this guide completely to understand how the night shift can help you personally and financially.

Benefits of Night Shift Nursing

  • One of the most important factors nurses consider night shift is more salary.
  • Fewer patient visitors are another important factor that nurses consider working at night.
  • Ample parking space is also another benefit.
  • A peaceful environment is another important point to consider at night.

Night Shift Nursing


Effects on Circadian Rhythm

  • One of the main reasons nurses don’t like night shift is the effects of the night shift on their circadian rhythm.
  • It disturbs the normal sleep cycle.

Effects on Health

  • You may find yourself more lazy and depressed.
  • Metabolism of the body gets disturbed.

Most Valued Tips

If you are a night shift nurse and you are finding it very difficult to manage your job, these tips will definitely help you.

Sleep After the Shift

After your shift has been completed, falling to sleep can be challenging for you in the beginning. But taking proper sleep is very important for your next night shift.
One sleep cycle is approximately 1-2 hours long, and you need at least 4-5 sleep cycles per night. That means you approximately need at least 6-9 hours of sleep regularly.

Tips to sleep

  • Decrease room temperature
  • Do not look at the clock
  • avoid using the phone
  • blackout your room
  • Do exercise regularly (Preferably YOGA)

Limit Energy Drinks and Coffee

Studies have revealed that caffeine has strong side-effects on sleep. Some most important side effects of caffeine on your sleep are

  • Finding it very hard to fall sleep
  • The reduced total sleep period
  • Negative effects on your body’s circadian rhythm or time clock.

Limit Use of Mobile Phone or Computer

While Facebook, Netflix or other social media apps are always addicting but try not to use them after your shift has been completed. Researches have proved their negative effect on difficulty in falling asleep.
Switching phone off will help you to avoid any distractions and will help you not get disturbed by calls when you’re asleep.

night shift nursing

Black-out Your Room

Bright light really hurts sleep badly but as we all know black color minimizes the effect of bright light, you might wanna consider it. Use black curtains in your room and black paint if you are very precisely conscious about your sleep during the day.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is another key to boost your lifestyle and keep your self healthy and stress-free.

How to Stay Awake at Night Shift

Make sure you have plenty of light at the place where you work because it will help you to stay active.

Proper sleep is another key to stay awake at night shift. Follow the guide above to work this out.

Drinking Coffee or energy drinks can be the worst thing you can do to keep yourself active, so consider avoiding them. Because you won’t be able to fall asleep after your shift, therefore.

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