Types of Bones Anatomy

Types of Bones Anatomy

types of bones anatomy

As we all know bones have different shapes in human skeleton, therefore anatomists have classified them into different categories.

Bones are classified into the following categories.


  1. Short Bones
  2. Long Bones
  3. Flat Bones
  4. Irregular bones


  1. Sesamoid Bones
  2. Sutural Bones

types of bones anatomy

Short Bones

Short/small bones are those bones whose length and width are almost the same. They have very limited or no role in movements of any parts of the body at all. Instead, they have a characteristic function of support and stability in the body.

Long Bones

Long bones are those bones whose length is more than the width of the bone. Unlike short bones, long bones have a characteristic function of support in the human body. Usually, it consists of three parts, two heads, and one long shaft.

Flat Bones

These are bones that provide the extensive function of either movement or they provide a site for the attachment of skeleton muscles of the body. These are the bones that have width more than that of length of the entire bone.

Irregular Bones

These bones have no dimensional relation to their width and length at all. Instead, they are just irregularly shaped and their function usually depends upon the site where these are present.

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