How To Become a Wound Care Nurse

How To Become a Wound Care Nurse

wound care nursing

Wound care nurse or Foot care nurse is a nurse that is specialized in the treatment of breakdown of skin or wound or pressure ulcers. Wound care nurse determines the whole treatment of the patient that includes everyday assessment of the wound as well.

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree or higher is required to be a wound care nurse.
  • An active RN license is required to become certified.

Wound Care Nurse Salary

Wound care nurse salary really depends upon the skills of the nurse, educational level and the location of the hospital. On an average scale, wound care nurses earn about $50,000-$85000 Per Year.

What is Included in Job of Wound/Foot Care Nurse?

  • Complete assessment of wound
  • Cleaning the wound and treating the wound with a bandage
  • Assessment for the needs of antibiotics, oxygen therapy or surgery
  • Follows the ways to promote wound healing