DRC Etizolam

DRC Etizolam

DRC etizolam is a drug being used in America only for research purposes. DRC Etizolam has a high potency rate and therefore cannot be used in humans. It is an anxiolytic drug that causes hypotonia, that therefore leads to decreased ability of skeletal muscles to contract. Possibly it interferes with the action potential in the skeletal muscle fibers, thus leading to decreased muscle contractions.

drc etizolam

Physical Effects of DRC Etizolam

  • Dizziness because it has its effects on CNS, thus we often see memory suppression too because it has effects on CNS.
  • Loss of driving control.
  • Appetite is drastically increased.
  • Temporary erectile dysfunction is very commonly seen.
  • Seizure suppression is another effect on CNS.
  • The sleep cycle is drastically hanced.
  • Ability to do analysis is greatly suppressed
  • Tiredness, and hopelessness
  • Cognitive euphoria in high dose

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